A fascinating 9-day trip through the Basque Country, from La Rioja to the French Basque Country, discovering the art, culture and the gastronomy of each region.


A 3-day immersion in the artistic heritage of the Basque Country, where you will have the opportunity to visit museums, Land Art works and to meet personally renowned artists.


A gastronomic break to know the traditional and new cuisine dishes of the different regions of the Basque Country.


Traveler Reviews

As a wine lover, BASQUE LUXURY took me to visit wineries in Navarre and La Rioja and amazing natural landscapes such as the desert of Bardenas Reales. I would recommend the experience to anyone. Ryusuke Nakano, Japan.

I enjoyed eleven amazing days in the Basque Country. I had the opportunity to visit the Flysch by boat, discover how regional wine “Txakoli” is produced in Getaria, visit Guggenheim Museum, wander through Zumaia and enjoy the outstanding food of San Sebastian. Thank you BASQUE LUXURY for the superb experience! Anne Van De Mosselaar, Germany.


Discovering the spring in Biarritz has always something special. And if history is surrounding you, as it happens in Hotel du Palais, the journey can become something magical. The grandness of the hotel is breathtaking, and enjoying its spa is an absolute luxury. Time seems to stop to leave us enjoy each space of this fairy tale 5*****. Laura Martín, Spain.


I visited the Basque Country for a week with my family. The guide from BASQUE LUXURY picked us up at the airport with a luxury car and came with us during the whole stay. We visited Bilbao, San Sebastian, Navarre and La Rioja, where we stayed at the wonderful Hotel Marqués de Riscal. It was a 5***** journey. Jutta Gossman, Germany.


I discovered the Basque Country thanks to BASQUE LUXURY. After several trips where I had the chance to stay in excellent hotels, such as Hôtel du Palais, Castillo de Arteaga, Iturregi or Finca de Los Arandinos, I even ended up working for a season in one of the hotels of BASQUE LUXURY. The Basque Country is an amazing place! D. Hoffstadt, Switzerland.


I decided to visit the hotels María Cristina, Villa Soro, Ostapé and Arantza in search of new experiences, and I found myself reflected in the mirror. It is an experience that made me grow up. Gustavo Egusquiza, Spain.


I knew about Marqués de Riscal restaurant at BASQUE LUXURY’s website and I have to admit that it is, without a doubt, one of the best I have ever been. Congratulations to the Chef Juan Bautista for his impeccable work! Itxaso Gaviria, Spain.


Arima is a wonderful hotel, completely new and it has easy access from the city center. We will certainly stay here again in our next trip to San Sebastian. Thank you BASQUE LUXURY for your good advice! Raquel Aguilar, Spain.


BASQUE LUXURY showed me how to travel without going far away. A couple of hours at the 5***** Arantza Hotela are enough to feel the essence of the place and to understand what real luxury is. I won’t forget the large windows, the only boundary with the almost jurassic views, which let imagination flow beyond the mountains. I have never been before in a huge bathtub with hot water and foam, playing with the snow covering the mountain-peaks. The room dressed with simplicity and culture providing warmth, the culinary art shown in each dish and the relaxing spa can enchant anyone´s senses. I will return, for sure. Thank you BASQUE LUXURY for so much.  Iker Ibañez, Spain.


Thank you BASQUE LUXURY for showing me the Basque Country, its people and its outstanding gastronomy!  Taku Yamachi, Japan.


Having dinner at Ni Neu restaurant was such a wonderful introduction to the Basque cuisine and way of living! After a delicious meal we loved to relax in one of the splendid parks of San Sebastian: Cristina Enea, Aiete… many thanks to BASQUE LUXURY! Laurent & Xavier, France.


We are missing the beautiful Basque Country, particularly San Sebastian, our favorite city.  Of course, it was our good fortune to have seen a copy of BASQUE LUXURY MAGAZINE while at the Marques de Riscal Hotel and with your help we found the artist Frederic!  Visiting his studio was a memorable experience and we are so happy about that encounter and thank you again. We can say without hesitation you have done an amazingly good job with your publication, which we proudly show our friends when they visit us here.  Alex&Gina, USA.


I read about Marqués de Riscal Restaurant at BASQUE LUXURY MAGAZINE and the truth is that eating there is a unique experience. I would recommend it to any foodie.  Aritz Erkiaga, Spain.